Home sweet home walkthrough

home sweet home walkthrough

Travel back to Nuka-Town USA to speak to Shank who will lead you on a series of quests to capture settlements in the Commonwealth. You will. The main goal in Home Sweet Home is to decorate a clients' homes to their specifications, by deciphering clues and riddles that they give you. ai:0;as”section_title”;s” Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths Tips”;s”section_body”;s”. Check out our strategy guide. LEVEL 10 MRS BEVERLY. This may require several attempts to complete; if you unlock a new flower but fail to meet the target goal, you can still use the new item when you retry, so keep at it until you unlock all of your flower options. It is valuable to know which customers you can make wait while you plan a chain. Shops Each restaurant has a shop where you can purchase new equipment and other items to make your customers happier, which means they will leave bigger tips. About CGG Contact Us About Us Ad Inventory Privacy Policy Careers. Shops Each restaurant has a shop where you can purchase new equipment and other items to make your customers happier, billard arten means they will leave bigger tips. Head back to Shank who instructs that the next order of business is to provide resources to the outpost by strong-arming a settlement nearby the outpost. Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More. Decorating Emily can reinvest her profits into decorations. Paige and her friend are playing — 2 nd scene at the start of level 1 Stargazing — scene at the end of level Dance steps are our words and love is our rhythm. home sweet home walkthrough

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In the lemonade jug 7. You can click on the pause button during a level and access the "customers" tab, which will tell about each customer type for that location, and how patient they are. On each level you will receive a client riddle. Left side of the counter in the flower pot 9. An alarm will sound if you do not stir frequently enough. Near the juice and toppings

Home sweet home walkthrough - dieses Mode-Spiel

Between the pie crust and the vase. They will continue asking for the matches, and if not served eventually walk away angry. Between the roller coaster cars and the table Be careful not to burn the ribs; they only need to be on the grill for a few seconds. Curse of the Banshee Crime Stories: Finish the level with all products fully stocked. LEVEL 29 MS POETICA. You will encounter different customer types at each restaurant. If you chose violence, the only flag you can plant is the flag of the gang that aided in the assault. Cares Pet Rescue Use 45 re-stockable items. The coins are the tip amount; as a customer decreases in happiness the tip amount will decrease as well. Peeking through the window The happier the customer, the bigger the pay. You will have to select a method, which gang to use in the assault if you choose the violent method and finally the settlement you wish to target. About Advertise Get Reviewed Black sales. You will know if a customer has maximum happiness is ecstatic because there will be a pulsing heart next to his head. Forgot your username or password?

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Home Sweet Home Demo Full HD/4K Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary All orders are for flowers. LEVEL 11 MR CHANCE. He will make a few target suggestions based on proximity to the outpost. Do this when you want to claim new outposts, secure resources for the outposts and more. Sitemap Advertise Partnerships Careers Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use. Serve the VIP customers first, and send Billy to keep everyone else entertained. Below you will find all the client riddle solutions for each level to enable you to purchase and build items without using the help function which will decrease the amount of your paycheck.


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